Frequently Asked Questions
1. When will I receive My African Waist beads after I order?

Allow 2-14 business days for your order to be processed and shipped. Your waist beads will arrive depending on the amount of beads ordered. if the beads you ordered are currently out of stock, it can take up to 10-14 days to restock and have them shipped to you

2. How do I know which size to order?
The waist beads come in sizes based on the following waist measurements:
XS- 25" waist or below
S- 26"-30" waist
M- 31"-35" waist
L- 36"-40" waist
XL- 41"-45" waist
XXL- 46" waist or above
It is very important to order waist beads based on your accurate waist measurement. If you need a XS or XXL, please include your waist measurement in the order. Also XS is best for children and pre-teens. If you are over the age of 12, ordering a size S would be highly suggested.

3. Can I get a exchange or refund for My African Waist Beads after I order?
There is a no refund/exchange policy for these waist beads orders. If your waist beads don't fit, you are not able to receive an exchange or a refund so please order your accurate size

4. How do I put on My African Waist Beads?

Here are some steps on how to put on your waist beads:
1. You will see two sides of string at the end of each bead. Grab the side of string with a knot at the beginning of the waist bead
2. Grab the other side of string without the knot and wrap the bead around your waist
3. Adjust the waist bead to where you want it to lay around your waist
4. Tie both strings together 3 times so they can be secure
5. Cut the excess string after the waist bead has been tied so there is no string visible
Please be careful when putting on your waist beads. After your beads are on, you are not able to take them off. If the beads need to be removed, you must cut the string. If you decide to remove your waist beads or they break, you are not able to put them back on.
5. What kind of material is the string that is used to make the waist beads?

100 % cotton