Waist Beads for Intimacy

Hello everyone!

I wanted to discuss waist beads and why so many women are interested in the benefit of wearing them, especially in the bedroom. I have sold waist beads to several women all over the country and even a few men who purchased for a special woman in their life. I was told by a few men that they enjoy seeing waist beads on a woman’s body because it is like a decoration. But waist beads are more than decoration to enhance a womans physique. Waist beads can be used for several reasons but to heighten an intimate connection between two lovers is one of the benefits of wearing waist beads for intimacy.

In my first blog I explained how you can use waist beads for celibacy purposes based on my own personal choice. Waist beads traditionally are worn for spiritual purposes however women can wear them for their own personal reason. For this blog I decided to share some information for those who are interested in how they can use waist beads to enhance an intimate connection for them and their partner or lover. Historically, African women would use waist beads to lure their suitable mates by rattling the beads for seduction. Women wearing the waist beads during love making with those mates would create an erotic pleasure due to the sight of the beads that enhances a woman’s physique and also the sound of the beads during the love making experience

Your entire sexual world will be a deeper level of passion when you wear waist beads for your partner.

Heres a few reasons why:

  1. You will look amazing with your beads on and your partner will be more attracted to your body

  2. It gives you the freedom to be versatile with your sexual life. For example: switching out waist beads, wearing different colors for different moods, or different styles and designs on occasion

  3. A deeper spiritual connection can develop through waist beads and praying with your partner

  4. Attract and transfer energy between lovers. For example: a waist bead designed for your chakra energy can be worn to inspire, create, prosper which can be transmitted through sexual energy

  5. Recharge your sexuality and sensuality. For example: creating a desire for a sexual fantasy

  6. Celebrate your unique style through this exotic jewelry and expression of the love you share

I hope you found this information helpful the next time you’re considering wearing waist beads for your lover! Thank you for reading and visiting my website! Please leave comments, ask questions and share experiences